When to Make a Car Accident Whiplash Claim

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Are you suffering whiplash symptoms such as neck stiffness and shoulder pain? If the symptoms of your neck and shoulder injury are not improving within a matter of days, chances are that you are suffering from the effects of whiplash and that you could be entitled to settlement for whiplash.

Car accident whiplash almost always occurs when your neck is jolted forward and then back again as the car comes to a quick halt. The harder your head was jolted back, the more damage you may have done to the ligaments and tendons in your neck, and the more pain you will suffer in the days following your accident. It is often the case with whiplash that whiplash symptoms caused by a whiplash neck injury do not occur until the following day or even later on.

Make a Car Accident Whiplash Claim

If you wish to look into making a claim following a car accident where you believe to have suffered from whiplash or whiplash symptoms, a personal injury lawyer is the best person to contact. You can find the services of many injury lawyers by conducting an on line search, and you can even find whiplash compensation calculators that can give you a good estimate as to the quantity of compensation you will receive.

Whiplash can cause discomfort for the sufferer for many months post accident, or even for more than a year. If the ligaments and the tendons situate din the neck have been badly damaged, then you can expect to suffer from whiplash symptoms for many months ahead. These symptoms often disturb your life to the extent that you have to give up work, or cannot even drive due to lack of movement of the neck. In these circumstances you can expect to receive whiplash compensation for loss of earnings for
the time that you are off work. Read more

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash Injury is a fairly common complaint in the UK. Whiplash usually occurs in low velocity car accidents, although it can occur in a variety of other ways. Common complaints include stiffness of the neck, headaches, and swelling in the tissue surrounding the neck area. It is possible to get whiplash in many ways such as playing sports for example. However, the vast majority of cases come from car crashes.

Whiplash Symptoms?

Whiplash symptoms can be quite painful, and usually involve pain and stiffness of the neck. In many cases you won’t notice the symptoms until a few days after the accident. In this case it’s not too late, and you should still see your GP as soon as you can get an appointment. Visiting your doctor is vital if you wish to claim whiplash compensation as you will need to have suffered injuries sufficient to warrant making a visit to the doctor.

Claiming for Whiplash

Claiming for whiplash is very easy to do. You may think that applying for whiplash compensation is quite difficult, but most companies make the whole process very easy for you. Once they’ve spoken with you, all you need to do is fill out a few simple claim forms and then attend a private medical  – arranged and paid for by them. They take care of the rest, so you can concentrate on getting better.

How do I claim?

Whiplash claims can be made by giving a company of your choice a call or by filling out the claim form at their online website. The process is quick and easy. They’ll have a quick chat about the circumstances surrounding your accident so they can understand exactly what happened. Once they’ve established that it’s likely that you can claim, they’ll send you out a CFA (conditional fee agreement) form to fill in and return to their solicitors.

How long does it take?

Claiming normally takes around 2-3 months from start to finish. If you’re thinking, whiplash how much, then they can give you an idea on the telephone. It all depends on how serious your whiplash injuries are, but it’s never less than £1,000 and can sometimes be £5,000 or even more. You’ve got nothing to lose as most popular companies claims are:

• No Win No Fee, where you keep ALL your compensation money
• Risk free to you, as if you lose you will pay nothing
• Expertly managed by expert solicitors

If you have any troubles with your insurance company after a car accident, contact this ICBC lawyer

Whiplash Injury

The alarm clock rings and you jump out of bed ready for the day ahead of you. You brush your teeth, take a shower, eat some breakfast and find yourself out the door for what seems to be yet another predictable day heading to work.

As you begin your commute and find the right radio station, that makes that drive oh so much easier it begins to rain, just enough for the need to turn on your wipers at their slowest speed. As you look up ahead you notice traffic is at a dead stand still due to construction in the area and you begin to stop.

Meanwhile, behind you 100ft back is a person dealing with all the same obstacles that you are plus some others. Perhaps they are on the phone, putting on makeup, running late for work or eating breakfast. And because of all these obstacles they don’t happen to notice that you’ve come to a complete stop ahead of them. At the last moment they slam on their breaks…..but it’s too late.

The strike from the force of their car carries the energy from the crash thru every molecule of you and your vehicle. Because you are wearing your seatbelt your body is restrained but your head and  neck are not. As a result both your head and neck under go immediate and violent trauma contorting your cervical spine into an S shape as opposed to it’s normal C-shape.

Under no-fault of your own, you have now sustained a whiplash injury. Predictablilty has gone by the wayside and in it’s place, the potential for what could be a lifetime of health problems.

Filing a Successful Whiplash Injury Claim

Every whiplash injury claim must be documented thoroughly in order for the claim to be successful. For this reason it is important that the claimant’s doctor documents all symptoms as well as the treatment provided. All receipts pertaining to treatment, documentation regarding lost wages and a diary documenting all emotional and physical discomforts and pains during and after treatment should be made available as part of the claim file. In order to ensure that proper procedures are followed when filing documentation, its vital to hire a competent attorney that is seasoned in the field.

Medical Receipts

The claimant should keep all receipts regarding treatment of the whiplash. This includes receipts for any doctor’s visits, medications, medical equipment (crutches, whiplash collar, etc.) and co-payments. This documentation will provide clarity as to the severeness of the injury.

Lost Wage

All time taken off from employment should be thoroughly documented by the claimant. Not only does this show the level of injuries sustained but it also helps in calculating the monetary amount needed for reimbursement for pain and suffering. Typically pain and suffering is calculated as to three times the loss incurred after the accident. In other words, if the claimant lost £3,000 in wages and incurred £5,000 in medical expenses, they can receive at least £24,000 (£3,000 + £5,000 = £8,000 x 3) in pain and suffering.

Keeping a Emotional and Physical Diary

Keeping a diary and documenting all pertinent information will serve as physical proof that the amount asked for pain and suffering is warranted. The diary should reflect any actions taken to alleviate the emotional and physical pain (doctor visits, amount of medications and times taken per day) and any occurrences of pain (unable to walk to the car, needed help to visit the bathroom, etc.). These events will factor in the amount of compensation the claimant receives.

It is best to receive medical attention and legal advice as soon as possible after any accident to ensure proper procedures are followed for any whiplash injury claim.

Hiring a Attorney

Hiring an attorney for the claimant’s whiplash injury claim helps to insure that correct procedures  for the claim process are followed. This includes filing a police report, an accident report with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the eventual lawsuit. The attorney should be experienced in both personal injury and auto accident cases. They will provide specialized doctors to examine the accident victim who will document the injuries thoroughly. They also help advise against answering questions or speaking to any insurance representative or opposing attorneys.

The attorney actually becomes the accident victim’s spokesperson. This means that all contact with the accident victim will be through them. This prevents any information or admissions of the accident victim being used against them and their whiplash injury claim in court. Most often the insurance companies offer minimal payments quickly in the hopes of reducing their losses. These offers don’t necessarily properly reflect true losses sustained by the accident victim.