Hiring the Right Legal Counsel for Whiplash Compensation

The first step of filing a whiplash compensation claim is hiring an advocate to act on your behalf. When you hire an attorney, you should do you homework to find a professional well versed in the mechanics and legalities of whiplash compensation claims. Whiplash injuries can range from very minor soft tissue damage to very severe neck and spine damage. For clear reasons, injuries that are more serious are awarded a higher whiplash compensation. When you seek legal counsel, you can discuss the details of the accident, the medical diagnosis, and the claims process in its entirety. Walking into a whiplash compensation claim without legal counsel could affect your chances are receiving a settlement.

Information You Will Need to Build Your Whiplash Compensation Case

When you hire legal counsel, you will need to provide the attorney with information of the party who hit you. This will include their name, address, insurance information, and vehicle information. You will also need to provide the attorney with documentation from your doctor or hospital showing you sought medical attention immediately following the accident and were diagnosed with whiplash. With this information, the attorney can build your whiplash compensation case to ensure you receive the highest compensation possible.

Steps Following Your Whiplash Compensation Case Submission

After your attorney has built your case, they will contact the person involved in the accident and their insurance company to inform them you are taking legal action for whiplash compensation. In writing, the attorney will provide an explanation on why they believe the third-party driver was negligent for the injuries. The insurance company or the other person involved in the accident will be given 21 days to respond to your letter acknowledging receipt. They will then have up to 3 months to investigate the case and reach a settlement. If not settlement is reached the whiplash compensation trial will begin and your attorney will present the information they have proving your case.

Whiplash Compensation How Much?

Compensation is categorized in two ways: general damages and special damages. General damages for whiplash compensation include medical bills, time off from work, and long-term treatment. General damages will also include awards for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Special damages will include whiplash compensation for loss of future earnings and the increased cost to live during the recovery process. The amount you are awarded will depend entirely on your career, the extent of the damage, and your attorney. If you need help filing a whiplash compensation claim hire a profession attorney experienced in personal injury law and file your claim with the court.