When to Make a Car Accident Whiplash Claim

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Are you suffering whiplash symptoms such as neck stiffness and shoulder pain? If the symptoms of your neck and shoulder injury are not improving within a matter of days, chances are that you are suffering from the effects of whiplash and that you could be entitled to settlement for whiplash.

Car accident whiplash almost always occurs when your neck is jolted forward and then back again as the car comes to a quick halt. The harder your head was jolted back, the more damage you may have done to the ligaments and tendons in your neck, and the more pain you will suffer in the days following your accident. It is often the case with whiplash that whiplash symptoms caused by a whiplash neck injury do not occur until the following day or even later on.

Make a Car Accident Whiplash Claim

If you wish to look into making a claim following a car accident where you believe to have suffered from whiplash or whiplash symptoms, a personal injury lawyer is the best person to contact. You can find the services of many injury lawyers by conducting an on line search, and you can even find whiplash compensation calculators that can give you a good estimate as to the quantity of compensation you will receive.

Whiplash can cause discomfort for the sufferer for many months post accident, or even for more than a year. If the ligaments and the tendons situate din the neck have been badly damaged, then you can expect to suffer from whiplash symptoms for many months ahead. These symptoms often disturb your life to the extent that you have to give up work, or cannot even drive due to lack of movement of the neck. In these circumstances you can expect to receive whiplash compensation for loss of earnings for
the time that you are off work.

When you make a whiplash claim, as long as you have all the information correctly documented and you have medical proof that you are suffering from whiplash, you are every likely to be successful with your claim. Most claims for whiplash are carried out on a no win no fee basis using a personal injury lawyer, this service being readily available on line.

If you have been involved in a car accident and are suffering from constant shoulder andneck pain and from symptoms that are related with whiplash, you should not hesitate in claiming compensation. Whiplash can be extremely de habilitating and sufferers can take up to a year to return to normal health.

If you are suffering from whiplash as the result of a car accident then you should act quickly. Get in touch with a lawyer or injury specialist who can help you with your whiplash claim. With all the correct medical paper work as well as a good injury lawyer, your whiplash claim could offer you a good amount of compensation. Whiplash compensation will allow you time to recover from your ordeal and will give you financial comfort after your accident.

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