Whiplash Injury

The alarm clock rings and you jump out of bed ready for the day ahead of you. You brush your teeth, take a shower, eat some breakfast and find yourself out the door for what seems to be yet another predictable day heading to work.

As you begin your commute and find the right radio station, that makes that drive oh so much easier it begins to rain, just enough for the need to turn on your wipers at their slowest speed. As you look up ahead you notice traffic is at a dead stand still due to construction in the area and you begin to stop.

Meanwhile, behind you 100ft back is a person dealing with all the same obstacles that you are plus some others. Perhaps they are on the phone, putting on makeup, running late for work or eating breakfast. And because of all these obstacles they don’t happen to notice that you’ve come to a complete stop ahead of them. At the last moment they slam on their breaks…..but it’s too late.

The strike from the force of their car carries the energy from the crash thru every molecule of you and your vehicle. Because you are wearing your seatbelt your body is restrained but your head and  neck are not. As a result both your head and neck under go immediate and violent trauma contorting your cervical spine into an S shape as opposed to it’s normal C-shape.

Under no-fault of your own, you have now sustained a whiplash injury. Predictablilty has gone by the wayside and in it’s place, the potential for what could be a lifetime of health problems.